Frequent Questions

Often times this is the result of a mis-typed email address or it might have been lost in your spam filter. You can contact the event organizer below if you think you may have mis-typed your email. You can also try our Online Order Lookup
All refunds are at the discretion of the event organizer, not Please refer to your purchase for the specific refund policy.
Yes, you may sell your tickets. However, selling tickets above face value is against some state laws (scalping). For instructions on how to transfer please see the "How do I sell my tickets?" question below. does not get involved in ticket reselling, but we do give you the tools to transfer your tickets.

  1. First, click the "manage order" button which can be found in the body of your confirmation email.
  2. Next, click the "change order info" button and update the names on the tickets. We recommend doing this to avoid confusion on who should be the new ticket holder.
  3. Update the names on each ticket. The names don't have to be unique. You could put the same ticket holder on several tickets.
  4. Lastly, click the "email or text tickets" button, and send to the purchaser the tickets via email or text message.

Please note, we do not get involved purchase transfers between private parties or validate that transfers have been made successfully.

Each time you submit your credit card payment unsuccesfully, the credit card company will put a temporary hold on those funds. These unsuccesful attempts are typically related to an invalid billing address, incorrect security code, or insuffient funds. These "temporary" holds will be released after a few days. The length of time depends on your specific bank or credit card company. does not actually have your funds or the ability to release the temporary hold.

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