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* Additional payment processing fees & taxes (if applicable) apply to all paid items. Per ticket fees are not charged for donation amounts or free tickets.

What Does That Mean?

We know the details matter. Here's a brief overview of the features in our packages.
Configurable Ticket Types

Examples of ticket types would be: VIP, General Admission, Child, Adult, etc. Ticket types will normally have different selling prices and potentailly different capacities. Capacities refers to the number of tickets available to sell.

Advance & Day-Of Pricing

Many event organizers want to incentivize customers to purchase early and thus offer a reduced rate. As the event organizer you can manage the exact dates the ticket goes on/off sale and when the advance price expires.

Checkout & Registration Forms

If you'd like to capture custom information at checkout, use our Forms features. You can capture standard data such as first name, last name, company, job title, etc., or you can create your own questions. These questions can be created per ticket type if you need to capture different data per customer.

Social Performance

If you'd like to tell what social platforms are driving customer purchases, use our custom event links when publishing to social media. Your event dashboard will tell you where each purchase originated, allowing you to target what works.

Check-In Mobile App

We offer a free iOS and Andriod mobile application you can use to electonically check-in customers and scan barcodes. Save some trees and go fully electronic. Search for Stubs.net in the app store.


Would you like to get daily updates on your event? Use our event notifications to get emails on revenue and sell-thru progress. You can create your own distirubtion lists and send to other interested parties.


We support non-profits. We one charge a 1% fee in addition to our payment processing cost.

Early Payments

Instead of getting paid after the event is over, get weekly payouts.

Presale Codes

Presale codes allow you to sell tickets prior to being available to the general public. This is a great service for fan clubs, sponsors, VIPs, etc.

Team Access

If you have a team of people helping organize your events create accounts for all of them. You can even manage their permissions, limiting what they access, view, and modify.

Custom Reporting

You have the ability to report on almost all aspects of information captured about your customers. You can export data into an excel format for easy integration with other services.

Tracking Pixels

Stubs.net allows you to view advanced analytics for your event by integrating with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. This allows you to get better visiblity into your customer demographics and conversion rates.

Event Add-Ons

Create event add-ons for customers such as t-shirts, posters, parking, etc.

Seated Venues

This feature is available on our custom price tier. We can build you an interactive seat map with ADA seating, VIP, and much more.


Our influencer feature lets you gamify your event advertising. You can create unique sales links for your influencers and track how many sales or donations they are converting for your event.

Event Invitations

Once you create an event you can use our attendee messaging feature to notify your contacts.

Scalper Identification

We use machine learning algorithms to proavtively identify scalpers and ban their purchases.

Safe Resale Tickets

Allow your attendees to resell their tickets if they can't attend thru our safe resale feature. Resale prices must be at or below the face value of the original ticket.

Pricing Overview

Why pay more than you need to? You can select the appropriate package per event.


Per Ticket Fees
Starting at $1.00 *
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Ticket Price Range Stubs Fee
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$0.01 - $9.99 $1.00 *
$10.00 - $14.99 $1.25 *
$15.00 - $19.99 $1.50 *
$20.00 - $24.99 $1.75 *
$25.00+ $2.00 + 2% *


Custom Pricing for
Large & Complex Events
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Minimum Ticket Volume Required
* Additional payment processing fees & taxes (if applicable) apply to all paid items. Per ticket fees are not charged for donation amounts or free tickets.

We Can Help

Let Stubs.net help you with your next event. We are great for music venues, festivals, charities, raffles, races, and much more. We offer affordable rates and can provide custom pricing based on ticket volume.
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