George's Majestic Lounge

Fayetteville AR
by George Pappas who ran not only a restaurant and bar from the location, but also a general store. In 1947, George sold the business to Mary & Joe Hinton. Mary ran the business until she sold it to Dr. & Mrs. Bill & Betty Harrison in 1987. For the Harrison's, George's perhaps was a special place- the place where they had their first date while in college in the late 1950′s. They maintained ownership until January 2004 when they sold the business and property to Suzie Stephens who sold the business to Brian & Day Crowne at the same time. Brian & Day purchased the property as well in 2012 and have sole ownership. Brian & Day have ran Georges as the regions premier showcase concert venue since 2004.

Club and live music venue in Arkansas. Although live shows on a regular basis began in the early 70′s, many loyal locals recall social events, dances, and music out on the old patio as far back as the 1930′s. George's was the first bar to integrate in the late 50′s, the first bar in Northwest Arkansas to offer color television, and the first pizza delivery service in Northwest Arkansas. We house an extensive library of University of Arkansas Yearbooks dating back to 1906, and often ask patrons to sign our yearbooks.